Love & Relationships Poetry - Revision Pack

This link will take you to a downloadable Poetry revision pack. Here are some suggestions for how you can use it to support your revision:

· Identify your “worst case scenario” poem for (a), and start there! 

· Timed plan (10/15 minutes)- plan a response, annotating (a), planning topic sentences making comparative points; for (b), choosing your poem and jotting down key quotations and analysis points. You might want to start with your poems and notes as a guide, then challenge yourself to try “closed book” 

· Full timed response (45 minutes “a”, 30 minutes “b”) Again, you could begin “open book” then challenge to “closed book”, or try “closed book” first to identify the gaps in your knowledge 

· Super challenge: mix and match- try comparing a set poem to one of the other unseen poems here 

· Super challenge: write your own “b” questions for yourself or a study partner