Task 1 - 'Last Snowman' - exemplar part 1 (planning)

The basic 'Task 1' assignment is to produce a 1000 word analysis of a poem, selected from the anthology, responding to the following question (where X is the title of the selected poem):

How characteristic is X of Simon Armitage's work as a whole in 'The Unaccompanied'?

In this podcast we selected 'Last Snowman' as our poem and set about discussing the text's language, form and structure (AO2 being the weighted Assessment Objective), how the poem relates to the collection as a whole, and how we might go about structuring our answer.

It would be a good idea to have a copy of the poem on hand as you listen to this recording and take some notes where we offer practical suggestions for how to go about tackling the essay. Then in part two, you'll find the final answer which emerged from this initial analysis and planning.