Lent Holiday Work

Pupils have been issued with a 'care package' folder which contains plenty of materials for them to use as part of their revision process over the next three weeks. The purple folder contains the following:

  • A set of Paper 1 Language tasks, including two example scripts by candidates / examiner comments
  • A set of Paper 2 Language tasks, including two example scripts by candidates / examiner comments
  • Two poetry question papers
  • a 'Never Let Me Go' paper
  • a 'Jekyll & Hyde' paper

Pupils are not expected to write responses to all of these (although they are welcome to do so) - instead they should focus on planning under timed conditions.

In addition we have produced two podcasts, analysing the comments provided by the exam board (the Examiner's Reports) - these should be listened to carefully and notes taken.

The Paper 1 podcast can be found here and Paper 2 here.

 Finally, pupils should review three of their set texts ('Never Let Me Go', 'Jekyll & Hyde' and the poetry anthology) - rereading the texts and all marginal/class notes taken. They should start to memorise the quotations and think about the key moments that pertain to each of the texts.


Pupils have been given a poetry comparison task, which will build on the skills we have been refining for the Language papers in recent weeks. For this homework they have been asked to read the two poems and plan an answer to the first question only. They should bring this with them to Thursday's lesson please.


Pupils spent the lesson today planning for an 18 mark Question 4 task for Paper 2 Language (Laurie Lee / Dylan Thomas). They should now write that question under timed conditions (15 minutes of writing time are allocated, following the planning stage, plus any additional time they might be entitled to).

Having completed the answer, they should take a few minutes to proof read carefully and consider whether they have written to the weighted Assessment Objectives, which require then to both compare and evaluate the respective texts, and meet the criteria outlined in all three bulletpoints.

6 & 8/03

Following the snow days, pupils were instructed to complete listening to the two podcasts in which I work line by line through two exemplar creative writing tasks (they can be found here and here).

Then, in class pupils have just completed an example of a Question 3 (Paper 2 Language) task and have taken away a class mate's work to read and edit if errors or improvements can be seen (marginal notes are fine). This should be brought in with annotations for the first lesson next week.


Having planned 'The Winter's Day' for your last homework, now write your response under timed conditions. I have sent an email outlining the task in more detail and offering some planning advice.

If you go to the section of this website entitled (Writing Fiction) under the Language GCSE area later today, you will find an exemplar with an accompanying podcast, explaining how and why I have written my answer as I have. This should prove useful in guiding your own writing.


The Winter's Day

Plan to write a 'story' (as always it should not be an entire plot but a piece of personal writing that uses the 'three camera angle' approach we have worked on in class) using this title.

You should:

  • Choose a clear viewpoint
  • Describe the setting
  • Explore the effect of winter on events and feelings.


Plan to write an advisory newspaper article, exploring the stresses and pressures on young people today. In your answer you should:

Explore some of the pressures and stresses young people experience

Explain why they are not easy to deal with

Suggest some coping mechanisms that could be used.

Bring your plan along with you to our lesson next Tuesday



Complete question 5 on current Non Fiction exam paper - 'write a speech for your class in which  you argue that 'homelessness is the greatest social problem that Britain faces at the beginning of the 21st Century'. In your speech you should:

Explain why homelessness is such a problem in modern Britain

Give some examples to support your argument

Convince your audience what steps might be taken to improve the situation regarding homelessness in the UK

Proof read answer carefully and then submit for marking on 22/02